More About Me

“Few in the Real Estate industry attack the business with such drive, determination, and PASSION.”

Integrity, honesty, dependability and persistence are the cornerstones on which Natalie English has built her real estate business. An eye for detail, an approachable personality, and a fierce determination to get her clients what they want characterize each of Natalie's transactions.

With a background in interior design and her own staging company Natalie is happy to contribute her expertise to uncover each home’s natural beauty. Whether Staging a home to sell or providing a home decorating consultation Natalie is able to intuitively pinpoint the desires of each client to provide a winning outcome. Staging is key when presenting your home to potential buyers, "Buyer's only know what they see, not what it's going to be".

With 20+ successful years of Real Estate sales experience Natalie’s passion for the business is obvious.
“I Love all aspects of my work. I strive off of being able to bring all of the elements together to create that final successful outcome. I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I’m so passionate about. My mission is to conduct myself with uncompromising honesty and integrity to provide the best possible real estate experience. As a commitment to my clients I work intelligently and diligently, providing a fun and positive journey.”

After living in California, Colorado and Arizona Natalie is happy to call the Pacific Northwest HOME. After living in multiple Seattle and Eastside neighborhoods I am able to to offer my clients knowledge and expertise in several areas of the Metro Seattle/Eastside nighborhoods. 
“The beauty and architecture had me hooked when I first moved here in 2001. The unique combination of the mountains and the water is absolutely breathe taking.”